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        The Third Annual CAST AND CREW REUNION

            Joined together with the opening of the

    "2008 Showgirl Art Competition" and Costume Exhibition

            Friday November 7th at the Nevada State Museum

    700 Twin Lakes Drive, Las Vegas Nevada 89107


Welcome to the Third Annual Cast and Crew Reunion and the 2008 Las Vegas Showgirl Art Competition and Costume Exhibition.  Our First Reunion was at the Stardust Hotel and Casino before it closed its doors forever in 2006.  The Second Reunion was at the Orleans Hotel and Casino; it included a production show of classic entertainers called Las Vegas Legends.

This year we are pleased to be at the Nevada State Museum... remember we are part of Nevada history... and are delighted to have a panel of former showgirls/dancers and and singer/performer to reflect on our legacy and achievements.  Su Kim, from the UNLV Special Collections department will also share her professional work in collecting and documenting our history, and the Showgirl Art Competition and Costume Exhibition is on display for you to enjoy.

It's great to be back together with everyone who worked so hard in our profession and to rekindle old friendships.

Have fun and enjoy the three pages of pictures...

Lou Anne Harrison (Chessik)



Michelle Gaftoi


Lou Anne Harrison, Vanessa Winokur, Michelle Gaftoi, Linda Spinks



















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