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       2007 CAST AND CREW REUNION  at the Orleans Hotel & Casino

      One More Time.....

Welcome to the 2007 Second Annual Cast & Crew Reunion. The first cast and crew reunion was October 13, 2006 and was created by Lou Anne Harrison Chessik out of a sense of urgency to celebrate the 5 decades of our history at the Stardust Hotel and Casino before it closed its doors forever. 650 people gathered together to remember, and old friendships were rekindled. The Stardust was imploded March 24 at 2am, and I hosted an implosion party that night on the 34th floor of the sterling club across from the strip. We held our breath as we watched the stardust hotel go down in a dazzling display of fireworks, along with many wonderful memories.

The implosion of the Stardust, and the response from the first reunion, inspired me to organize a yearly reunion. I envision, with your help and continued enthusiasm, a table to represent each one of the great production shows, lounge shows and entertainers whose unique talents made Las Vegas the entertainment capitol of the world.

Thank you for coming because this all could not have done without your contribution to our history, your unrelenting dedication to your craft, and our collective “Cast” commitment to the goal of keeping our history and friendships alive.

          Lou Anne Harrison Chessik




                       2007 Reunion Mystery Girl


                       Very Special Supporter


                            Cindy Doumani




  A few 2007 Reunion Guests........................

    (Thanks to Randy Soard & Val Abraham for the pictures)












                                                     MORE PHOTO PAGES


                                       Thanks to Liz Elliot & Lesley Bandy for a successful show

                                        and bringing everyone back on stage again!







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