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"Las Vegas Then and Now"

KLAV 12:30AM Wednesdays 9am-10am


host: Athena "KiKi" Marcus

co-host on dates below: LouAnne Harrison Chessik

Guest Speakers 7/5/2006:

Gae Erickson Basch & Kim Lyle

Guest speakers 7/12/2006:

Marla Gomes, Cindy Daumani & Clem Zeleski

Guest Speakers 7/19/2006:

Bill Loyd & Rich Rizzo

Guest Speakers 8/2/2006

Jill & Len Rader

Guest Speakers 8/9/2006

Carl Lindstrom & Tracey Heberling

Guest Speakers 8/16/2006

Aki Levin, Donna Browning & Jim Hodge

Guest Speakers 8/23/2006

Bill Strickland

Guest Speakers 8/30/2006

Hal Ritzer & Frank Leone

Guest Speakers 9/6/2006


Stardust Hotel 9/10/2006

5-6:30 live at the reunion

Guest Speakers 9/13/2006

Jillian Hrushowy, Kenny Kerr, Lesli Bandy & Rocky Fagundes

Guest Speaker 1/2007

Michael Ashton

Guest Speaker 2/7/2007

Kim Flowers

Guest Speaker 2/14/2007

Rolande Jezzard and Tara Foy


July 5th -September 13th 2006 programs, for current programs call the Solid Poi office @ 253-0089

Call in live to KLAV @ 731-1230




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