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Community Memory Board



Clem Zeleski passed away Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This link is to youtube performance

 of Clem as Fred Astaire:

The opening words to Clem's video read:

When I get to Heaven,

and I'm settled there,

may I dine with Mr. Disney....

and dance with Fred Astaire?




What a terrible loss ......

I hope Clem is dining with Disney and dancing with Fred




    Elise Vallee passed away Saturday December 1, 2007

   Elise was the manager and ballet  teacher at Backstage Dance Studio for over 20 years.

    "She taught with compassion, love and wanted everyone to succeed."

      said Kenny Maslow  "She was the driving force behind Clem Zeleski."

    "Darling look at the sun, life is wonderful !" she would say, and " Pull up darling, pull up!"


   "A loving and heart felt person for everyone she came in contact with." said Jan Drake 

   "It won't be the same next time I go to Backstage."


  "We, of the dance world, know how beautiful a woman she was...and wish her  peace...."





 Liz Hayden died March 7, 2007

 She was my sister, and I will always remember her as a bright and beautiful star -- a dancer, singer, and actress, who brought joy to many people's lives. She danced with “Disney on Parade”, the “La Scala Revue” in Bracelona with Miss Bluebell, “Lido De Paris” at the Stardust, and the MGM’s “Hallelujah Hollywood” and “Jubilee”

 Liz suffered a very serious aneurysm twenty years ago and lived with our mother for fifteen years,  making a remarkable recovery, but losing the use of her left side and short term memory. She fought bravely for those many years, but had a massive stroke on January 16, 2007, from which she never recovered. I remember well the family of dancers in Las Vegas -- how supportive they were after her aneurysm, and the strong sense of caring they shared with one another.

Catherine Hayden




Glenn Nash passed away Tuesday March 20th, 2007.

 Glenn was my best friend and a fabulous male dancer. He also graced the stage w/ the one & only Ann Margaret when she was Headlining at Caesar’s Palace in the early 80's to middle 90's. He was a Chippendale DANCER in Los Angeles in 1986 & 87.

 Glenn worked with the talented Lisa Clarson in Fredrick Apcar's "Bedazzled" in Lake Tahoe, and danced at the “Lido De Paris” at the Stardust Hotel.  Unfortunately he was not able to attend the Cast and Crew Reunion, due to his sickness. But, he was there in spirit & wished us ALL to have a GREAT time.

 Suzan Hiett


This list was created for the 2006 Cast and Crew Reunion at the Stardust and we continue to update it.  If anybody is missing that you know of, please let me know and I will add their name to the list.


Adelaide Walder

Andrea Lorin

Andrew Robinson

Audrey Mortimer

Al Carrison

Al Sachs

Alan Chatterton

Alan Conroy

Alan Hadley

Andrea Larence

Antonio Morelli

Art Edvalson

Audrey Mortimer

Bart Caroll

Ben Carlson

Benny Short

Bern Gardner

Bernel Dietch

Bernie Landish

Bert Wheeler

Betty "Boots" Elliott

Betty Bruce

Bill Allaire

Bill "Brownie" Brown

Bill DeAngeles

Bill McFredricks

Billy Petch

Blackie Hunt

Bob Ritz

Bob "Smokey" Sacente

Bob Simmons

Bonnie Hunt

Buddy Vest

Briony Merriman

Bruce Abbey

Carol Steele

Carlton Hayes

Cathie Gilbreath

Channing Pollock

Clem Zeleski

Cleve Tate

Darlene Heister

David Doyle

David Geller

David LeBlanc

David Sheppard

Dean Hammond

Deiter Curt

Dennis Ryan

Dennis Kelly

Dexter DeVoe

Diane Coulson

Dick Weston

Dino Rogers

Dolly Wheeler

Don Filippo



Don Heddon

Don Lamson

Donn Arden

Donna Gamble

Earl Caroon

Earl Janicki

Ed Bellman

Ed Krieg

Ed Mann

Ed White

Eddie O'Neill

Eldon Lewis

Elise Vallee

Elvard Joanson

Enid Mills

Fiona Solan


Frank Burke

Frank Magrin

Frank Sennes

Frederic Apcar

Fred Hershfield

Freddie Sales

Gaby Whitiker

Gene Boloton

George  Arnold'

George Gibbs

George Goshen

George Home

George Minski

George Morro

Gino Donati

Glenn Nash

Glenn Scott

Gorden Beck

Hally Stein

Harvey Church

Harvey Warren

Hector Nunez

Herb Tobman

Herbie Chorn

Jack Eglash

Jack Townzen

Jackie Hewitt

Jahna Steele

Janet Sanders

James Maxwell

Jay Bruce

Jeannie Madsen-Monterosso

Jeb Stuart

Jennifer Pierson

Jesse Coffee

Jim Baron

Jim Keller

Jim Weiss

Jimmy "Hot Damn Ya'All" Dodd




Jimmy Riley

Jimmy Rogers

Joe Belomo

Joe Pokorny

Joe Tritsch

Joe Williams

John Brown

John Klineline

John Hartzel

John Ritz

John Juliano

Johnny Augustine

Joseph Clerico

Joseph Munn

Jowan Miranda

Julie (Stafford) Thompson

June Peterson

Justin Smith

Kathleen Pratt

Kelly Hamilton

Ken West

Kent Heberling

Kent Wagner

Kurt Sheldon

Larry Maldanado

Lea Hayes

Len Rader Senior

Les Colwell

Les Stevens

Liz Hayden

Lloyd Smith

Lou Elias

Louie Basil

Louis Clerico

Louis Guerin

Lupe Carmona

Madame Bluebell (Margaret Kelly)

Mark Bray

Marge Allen

Margo Carsoni

Martin Moody

Mary Bowen

Maude Chapel Fox

Mel Ushakoff

Merie West

Michael Bradshaw

Michael Darrin

Michael Telmont

Michael Thomas

Mitch Hrushowy

Monte Proser

Nicky Gorska

Pat Dalton

Pat Caba

Pat Callahan

Pat Cross



Pat Kist

Patrick Maes

Pierre Louis Guerin

Penny France


Phil Riccobuono

Pierre Louis Guerin

Preben Jenson

Rachel Smith

Randy Wood

Renata Neil Wolischlanger

Rene' Fraday

Ricardo Rollins

Richard Campbell

Richard Darnell

Richard Diamond

Rick Malland

Ric Mitchell

Ricky Reid

Roberta Hirsch

Robin Timm

Ron Fields

Ron Meren

Ron Reiss

Ross Pallone

Roy Munson

Roy Palmer

Roy Van Noy

Ruth Morro

Sacha Goudovitch

Sam Boyd

Sam  Pane

Sandro Dornini

Sharon Staples Robinson

Sheila Sparr

Sonny King

Sue Jenkins

Susan Johannson

Susanne Briggs

Sylvia Magrin

Tom Allison

Tom Anthony

Tom Bertzler

Tom Hanson

Tony Grol

Torres Brand

Trish Shapiro

Trisha Boswell

Valerie Northey

Vernon Hall

Victor Culver

Virgel Beck

Walter Shaner

Wayne Clemons

Wesley Bryant

Winston Dewitt Hemsley

Wyatt  Hall