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  The 2006 CAST AND CREW REUNION at the Stardust was

 September 10, 2006

 A Reunion for Cast and Crew members was held in the Stardust Ballroom to remember: the legendary “Lido de Paris” review that ran for 32 years, followed by “Enter the Nights” eight year run to 1999. Rick Thomas and Countless Celebrities,  also performed on the Stardust Theatre stage.  The Reunion honored the performers, musicians, stagehands and stars that also appeared in the lounge shows and Stardust Ballroom.

All the shows of that genre from Las Vegas, Reno, Paris and beyond

were cordially invited to attend with friends and family.

 650 gathered together from all over the world for the last time at the Stardust Hotel & Casino. The Stardust Casino closed  it's doors forever November 1, 2006. But it was the first of many Reunions to come. The 2007 CAST AND CREW REUNION is scheduled for next fall. The date will be posted soon.

The RSVP Guests (abc)  lists the attendees of the 2006 Reunion.

Thanks to everyone's excitement and support, spreading the word and getting everyone back together again, sharing your stories, pictures, and coming to the 2006 Cast and Crew Reunion at the Stardust.

 2006 Stardust Reunion Links

Guest List

RSVP Guests (abc)

Reunion Agenda

Press Releases

Lost and Found

Tribute Board

For information call or e-mail:

Lou Anne at: (702) 243-6329

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